Crane capacity

6.0t x 2.6m

(13,220 lb x 8.5 ft)

Max. lifting height (on the ground)


(55.0 ft)

22.0m with fly jib

(72.2 ft with fly jib)

Max. working radius

16.1m x 0.43t

(53.0 ft x 920 lb)

Max. lifting height (underground)

-24.5m (4 falls)

(-80.3 ft)

Pick & Carry Capacity


(4,400 lb)



Fly Jib

  • Yes
  • No


Working Range Chart

Specifications (CC1485S-2)

Crane Capacity 6.0t x 2.6m
Max. Working Radius 16.1m
Max. Lifting Height 16.7m (22.0m with fly jib)
Max. Reach Below Ground -24.5m (4 falls)
Pick & Carry Capacity 2,000kg
Travel Speed 0-3.1km/h
Travel Ground Pressure (with rubber pads) 51.2kPa (0.52kgf/cm2) [54.5kPa (0.56kgf/cm2) w/blade & fly jib]
Engine ISUZU 4LE2XBJB / Diesel
Engine Rated Output 44.6kW/2000min-1 (60.6PS / 2000rpm)
Dimensions (with rubber pads) 6,610mm (L) x 2,490mm (W) x 2,910mm (H)
Tail swing 1,550mm
Machine Weight (with rubber pads) 15,030kg (15,710kg w/blade, 15,330kg w/fly jib, 16,010kg w/ blade & fly jib)

See Catalogue for CC1485S-1 & CC1485S3-1


Working Range Chart


Crane Capacity 13,220lb x 8.5'
Max. Working Radius 53'
Max. Lifting Height 55' (72.2' with fly jib)
Max. Reach Below Ground -80.3' (4 parts of line)
Pick & Carry Capacity 4,400lb
Travel Speed 0-1.99mph
Travel Ground Pressure 7.11PSI
Travel Ground Pressure (with fly jib) 7.26PSI
Engine ISUZU 4LE2XDPC / Diesel
Engine Rated Output 54.04hp (40.3kw)/2000rpm
Dimensions 21'6"(L) x 8'2"(W) x 9'5"(H)
Tail Swing 5'1"
Machine Weight 31,752lb (32,413lb with fly jib) (Rubber Pads: +1,036lb)



All our cranes include a range of standard equipment that ensure the
safety, functionality and usability of the cranes are unsurpassed.

  • Wide View Roof Window (CC1485S-2 only)
  • Travel 2 Speed Function
  • Winch 2 Speed Function
  • 4 fall / 2 fall Hook Block
  • Automatic Hook Stowage System
  • Level
  • Rear View Monitor
  • Programmable Moment Limiter / Diagnostic Display
  • Tilt Alarm
  • Working Status Lamp
  • Data Logger
  • Pick & Carry


A range of optional equipment that enables our cranes to adapt
to all kinds of work and environmental factors.

  • Single Fall Hook
  • Searcher Hook (2.0t) + Single Fall Hook (1.5t)
  • Fly Jib
  • Black Rubber Pads
  • Blade (CC1485S-2 only)
  • Custom Paint Colours

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