From construction work to natural resource development,
the applications for MAEDA mini cranes are limitless.


Glazing Works

By using vacuum glass handlers hung from the hook block or installed on a searcher hook, glass can be installed where required even just beneath the roof. Another popular application for mini spider cranes in indoor, confined spaces, narrow spaces, and narrow pathway places. The MK knuckleboom series was born to realize more efficient glazing works.


Curtain Wall Installation

Mini cranes can be transported to the upper floors of high rise buildings by service elevators and then used for installation works of outer walls such as glass frames, by hoisting the wire rope from above in several stages. This is one of the most popular applications for mini cranes which can create shorter construction periods and cut costs by avoiding the use of expensive tower cranes.


Restricted Access

Even in confined places or spaces with obstacles, our spider cranes play an important role in safety with four supportive outriggers. By using the working range restriction feature, safe lifting work can be achieved even with obstacles you want to avoid contact such as power lines. Also the LC/CC series with its short tail swing advantage are most suitable for works in confined locations that bigger cranes cannot access.


Rooftop Work

Lightweight mini cranes can be placed on rooftops and lift materials from the ground. There is no need to block roads for the use of bigger cranes, and works normally carried out by tower cranes can be taken on by mini cranes. So shorter construction periods and cost cuttings can be achieved. The mini cranes can be lifted up to rooftops easily by tower cranes or elevators.


Steel Erection & Building Construction

For steel erection works inside various building and on rooftop, and for steel tower erection works.


Civil Construction

For lifting works of construction materials at airports, train stations, dam construction sites and many more. With its advantageous accessibility to confined places, our mini cranes have been used during the construction of many world famous facilities.


Residential Construction

For residential material lifting from inside and outside of residences. Easy access from the edge of cliffs through to courtyards is our mini crane’s specialty, which bigger cranes cannot do.


Plant, Factory & Automotive

For maintenance of equipment, line replacement and material lifting where overhead cranes are not available and places without enough space such as automotive manufacturers, chemical plants, and factories.


Limited Access

The slim body width of our mini cranes means that access through doorways is an easy job, and works can be carried out indoors or in restricted areas. At construction sites where you would have to block roads to use bigger cranes, mini cranes with their compact body can easily access and reduce costs.


Facility Equipment Installation

With its great accessibility, Maeda’s mini cranes are used for the installation works of display panels, signs, and more at large commercial building such as shopping malls, stadiums, and theatres.


Artwork Installation

For artwork installation in buildings that can be difficult to access such as museums and inner courts. Smooth maneuverability makes handling of delicate artworks possible, and the electric motor power option is suitable for indoor work without exhaust fumes.


Aviation Industry

For maintenance (dock maintenance) and component replacement of airplanes and helicopters inside maintenance facilities. Our compact mini spiders have even been transported by aircraft to remote locations for maintenance work.



Our mini cranes were born out of the need for a machine to access the extremely narrow passageways in Japanese graveyards. Now they are used for the installation of grave stones, garden stones and monumental stones all over the world.


Power Stations

At power stations and substations where power lines are all over the place, computerized working range restriction feature prevents booms from connecting with power lines, so lifting works can be carried out safely.


Oil & Gas Industry

Because of its compact body, transportation to mining locations is very easy. Our mini cranes are used at oil rigs in the middle of jungles, and for resource development, refinery, gas plant and mining facilities.


Tunnel / Underground

Mini cranes are often used for works inside tunnels for subway, underground road, underground facility, water line and electrical line where working space is limited.



For material lifting and maintenance from the side of the rail road and on the rail road.


Works on Uneven Ground

With their crawler tracks, mini cranes can access the most uneven ground. The cranes can be balanced at a level position using the four outriggers, it can even be used on stairs and uneven ground.



For maintenance work on military helicopters. MAEDA’s spider cranes are compact and lightweight so are often transported to remote locations for use.



Even on mountains where access is difficult with hilly terrain and no paved surfaces, mini spider cranes are used to lift cut lumbers.


Marine Construction, Ship Building and On Board Ships

Compact and light weight mini cranes play an active part during lifting works carried out at coastal locations, ship yards, and on board ships.


Other works

The compact body can be transported to various places and enables many kinds of lifting work.

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