For a sustainable future

Battery-powered Mini Cranes with minimal environmental impact

Fully electric-powered cranes with zero emission, without compromising on performance. Innovative lithium-ion batteries make these models environmentally friendly, economical, efficient, and safe. Welcome to the green way of lifting.


Benefits of
a battery-powered
Mini Crane

  • Zero emissions from use
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Continuous operation while charging
  • Fully monitored battery life
  • Easily switch between energy-saving modes
  • White rubber tracks equipped as standard
  • Work safely in enclosed environments without causing any pollution
  • Low noise improves the working environment
  • Reduced energy costs

Powered by a
strong lithium-ion

  • Lithium-ion battery's "service life" is 15 years or more (lead battery is 3-4 years)
  • Always a stable power output, even when the battery level is low
  • Maintenance-free
  • Charging time is 1/3 of a lead battery
  • You can fully operate the crane while charging
  • Short recharge time allows for a more continuous operation

Available battery-powered Mini Cranes

Our innovative zero emissions line-up


9h 30m continuous crane operation under full charge (based on our standards)

Full battery charge in 3h 30m (AC200V)

Same crane speed as diesel engine model


Diesel / Electric Model

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